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A good reason to never surrender your guns

The pic says it all; and we all know that history repeats itself. I researched this and found plenty of evidence supporting the fact that this event actually occurred, sad to say but it was our own soldiers who carried out the massacre. Wake up people!!



Easy method for caching underground

Outdoor Products “dry-box” … great for waterproofing anything that will fit inside. Expect the seals to last about three years underground.

Weapons of war

Why weapons of war belong on our streets.

“Weapons of war do not belong on our streets” was a quote from Barack Obama concerning the AR15 and AK47 styled semi-automatic rifles so common in America. These rifles can carry 30rd (or higher) magazines, have a rapid rate of fire and can be reloaded in a heartbeat.

Let’s step back to the year 1776, muzzleloaders, or muskets as I believe they were called, were “weapons of war” in 1776. These muskets were the high-tech “badass” assault weapons of the 1700′s and without them being readily available to the citizens of the 13 British colonies then I’m afraid we might still be under British rule.

I’m reminded of a passage I read back in college. I’ve searched and searched but cannot find it. In any case, it went something like this…
“This new weapon is so destructive, so lethal, that no man in good conscience would ever deploy it even against his worst enemies. It changes the fundamental nature of war.”
There was more to it than that, and much more eloquent, but that’s the gist. As one read the passage one naturally thinks the author is referring to nuclear weapons. But no. The author was writing about–the crossbow.
The point made in that book was that weapons do not change the fundamental nature of conflict and war.

Assault weapons and their definitions change as technology changes. “Weapons of war” may be different than they were 200+ years ago but their place in our society has not. Weapons of war belong in every home, next to every couch and next to every bed, just as they did in 1776.

Homemade Cache

Here’s a homemade cache using an old cooler and ratchet strap that I found in the garage. Bury upside down just as shown here. Place your items inside dry-boxes or sealed tupperware containers and make sure they’re not packed heavy so that if water enters the bottom of the cache your containers will simply float; keeping your pistol, ammo, electronics or documents “high-and-dry.”

An old cooler like this is already insulated against rapid changes in temperature and tough enough to withstand depths of 3 to 4 feet.

Why prep alone?

I’ve been stashing valuables underground basically all of my life and I’m also an outdoorsman but I’m new to “prepping.” I realize that there are advantages to prepping with a close group of friends or neighbors but so far (and this may change in the future) I am prepping for a stealthy and evasive strategy. For the time being anyway, I don’t wish to be part of a local prepper group just yet.

The following is an excerpt from http://www.survivalblog.com and can be found at http://www.survivalblog.com/2008/08/the_golden_horde_and_the_thin.html … It sums up why I’m prepping alone with my girlfriend. I know plenty of hiding places out in the woods and I don’t want to join up with or have to fight among roving packs of armed marauders.

The Golden Horde and the Thin Veneer


Tuesday, Aug 12, 2008


Because of the urbanization of the U.S. population, if the entire eastern or western power grid goes down for more than a week, the cities will rapidly become unlivable. I foresee that there will be an almost unstoppable chain of events: Power -> water -> food distribution -> law and order -> arson fires -> full scale looting
As the comfort level in the cities rapidly drops to nil, there will be a massive involuntary outpouring from the big cities and suburbs into the hinterboonies. This is the phenomenon that my late father, Donald Robert Rawles–a career particle physics research administrator at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories–half-jokingly called “The Golden Horde.” He was of course referring to the Mongol Horde of the 13th Century, but in a modern context. (The Mongol rulers were chosen from the ‘Golden Family’ of Temujin. Hence the term “The Golden Horde.”) I can remember as a child, my father pointing to the hills at the west end of the Livermore Valley, where we then lived. He opined: “If The Bomb ever drops, we’ll see a Golden Horde come swarming over those hills [from Oakland and beyond] of the like that the world has never seen. And they’ll be very unpleasant, believe you me!”


In my lectures on survival topics I often mention that there is just a thin veneer of civilization on our society. What is underneath is not pretty, and it does take much to peel away that veneer. You take your average urbanite or suburbanite and get him excessively cold, wet, tired, hungry and/or thirsty and take away his television, beer, drugs, and other pacifiers, and you will soon seen the savage within. It is like peeling the skin of an onion—remove a couple of layers and it gets very smelly. As a Christian, I attribute this to man’s inherently sinful nature.

Here is a mental exercise: Put yourself in the mind set of Mr. Joe Sixpack, Suburbanite. (Visualize him in or near a big city near where you live.) He is unprepared. He has less than one week’s food on hand, he has a 12 gauge pump action shotgun that he hasn’t fired in years, and just half a tank of gas in his minivan and maybe a gallon or two in a can that he keeps on hand for his lawn mower. Then TEOTWAWKI hits. The power grid is down, his job is history, the toilet doesn’t flush, and water no longer magically comes cascading from the tap. There are riots beginning in his city. The local service stations have run out of gas. The banks have closed. Now he is suddenly desperate. Where will he go? What will he do?

Odds are, Joe will think: “I’ve gotta go find a vacation cabin somewhere, up in the mountains, where some rich dude only goes a few weeks out of each year.” So vacation destinations like Lake Tahoe, Lake Arrowhead, and Squaw Valley, California; Prescott and Sedona, Arizona; Hot Springs, Arkansas; Vail and Steamboat Springs, Colorado; and the other various rural ski, spa, Great Lakes, and coastal resort areas will get swarmed. Or, he will think: “I’ve got to go to where they grow food.” So places like the Imperial Valley, the Willamette Valley, and the Red River Valley will similarly get overrun. There will be so many desperate Joe Sixpacks arriving all at once that these areas will degenerate into free-fire zones. It will be an intensely ugly situation and will not be safe for anyone. In some places the locals may be so vastly outnumbered that they won’t survive. But some of the Joe Sixpacks will survive, and then the more ruthless among them will begin to fight amongst themselves for the few remaining resources. They will form ad hoc gangs of perhaps 6 to 30 people.

Once the Golden Horde has been thinned (and honed to ferocity) and they’ve cleaned out an area, the thugs at the pinnacle of ruthlessness will comprise the most formidable rover packs imaginable. They will move on to an adjoining region, and then another. But the inverse square law will work in your favor: Imagine that you take a jar of marbles turn it upside down on a wooden floor and then lift the jar suddenly upward. The marbles will spread out semi-randomly. But the farther from the mouth of the jar, the lighter the density of marbles. Hence, the rover packs will attenuate themselves into a huge rural expanse that is peopled with well-armed country folks. By the time the looters work their way out 150 miles from the big cities, they will be thinned out considerably. The rover pack is your primary threat in a total collapse, no matter how remote your retreat. Here are your potential adversaries: A squad to company size force (12 to 60 individuals), highly mobile, moderately well armed with a motley assortment of weapons and vehicles, and imbued with absolute ruthlessness. Be prepared.

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Best method for securing digital data

do you worry about losing all of your family’s vacation photos in a tornado or house fire? do you live in a bad neighborhood where burglary is a problem? if you feel the need to bury external hard drives or usb drives then vacuum seal them or seal them in ziploc brand sandwich bags with the double zipper. wrap the sealed drives in a cotton rag or a t-shirt and place them in an outdoor products “dry box” or watertight tupperware container and wrap the containers in copper mesh or aluminum foil to shield from emp.

wrap these finished packages in an electrical insulator like carpet padding and drop them into surplus military ammo cans and you’re good to go. it’s that simple. bury them below the frost line and your electronics will be absolutely safe and secure for many years. need more advice on caching underground? …check out http://www.howtoburyyourstuff.com

Improvised cache from household items

This photo shows a great example of how to build a very tough and durable underground cache using households products and without spending a lot of money. I found this garden sprayer with a broken nozzle, a sheet of plywood and an old ratchet strap in my garage. You could safely store electronics, ammunition or documents underground for years in this cache. For a more detailed description of this caching method, check out http://www.howtoburyyourstuff.com.