How to privately send and receive emails; free and easy digital security

With the revelations of Ed Snowden, digital privacy in the United States has become a hot topic. I thought that I’d share a handy little program called QuickStego and it’s based on a science called Steganography. This is software that hides text in a JPEG and can be used with a family photo taken with your own digital camera or your favorite sports car wallpaper that you downloaded from Google images.

Got a message that you need to send on the DL? Use QuickStego to imbed your message in the JPEG and email the pic to a friend who uses QuickStego to extract the message. This is a free program available from several popular sites and it’s not a complicated or cutting edge science.

It’s easy cracked if discovered, yet it’s beauty lies in the fact that from all outward appearances, the imbedded JPEG looks like a perfectly normal photo or wallpaper. If your computer itself is physically comprised, then your messages are also comprised; but the emails themselves can be constructed to look absolutely innocent and unless someone already knows that you are using QuickStego, any intercepted emails would be ignored or dismissed.

For example, I could send you 35 photos taken from my our Panama City Beach vacation with some text about which restaurant we ate at, swimming in the gulf and having a few drinks on the deck of our rented beachhouse – but only you would know beforehand to check the 17th (for example) photo and retrieve the actual message.

Sound too simple? It is. It’s the digital equivalent of “hiding in plain sight.”


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