Is it illegal to bury survival items?

i can’t begin to count how many times I’ve come across the following phrase in search engines… “Help FEMA catch lawbreakers burying survival items” and it always amuses me that there is always at least one reply agreeing with or supporting the article. Most people seem to understand that the entire concept is bullshit but just for kicks i just spent the better part of an hour searching for any type of federal law regarding this. Yeah, i came up with zilch.

Let’s examine this. Imagine that my girlfriend and I have a spare house-key and a mini-maglite buried in our garden. Technically these two items could constitute “survival items” since we placed them there in the event we locked ourselves out of the house at night. Now before everyone traces my ip address and rushes over here with a metal detector, please realize that I am not dumb enough to open a website named with anything at all buried on our own property.

For all of you non-preppers, a large percentage of “survival items” consists of food and what most would consider camping equipment; not armloads of rocket launchers and machine guns like I’m sure some of you are probably imagining.

So just to ease all of you survivalists and preppers anxieties, no it is NOT illegal to bury anything (unless the items you are burying are illegal to begin with) and if that’s the case then just for the record I hope you get busted.

I’m not advocating any criminal behavior, only preparedness when considering the state of our world.


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