How to bury your guns

f you haven’t read it yet, I recommend reading my General Tips page before burying firearms or ammunition.

When burying firearms and ammunition, the key is to prevent moisture from damaging either steel or gunpowder. Obviously they need to be waterproofed completely so as to not allow contact with rainwater. Unfortunately, air also contains water and it’s going to be tough to absolutely isolate an entire firearm or a box of cartridges from any and all air.

Keeping desiccant with your ammunition can be a lifesaver, but after sealing your desiccant and ammo together, you’ll also want a temperature buffer. Use dead air like a beer cooler to insulate against condensation or wrap your sealed ammo up in a cotton towel. Drop the wrapped up towel into an ammo can or Tupperware container; when using Tupperware, I always seal the lid with silicone.

Using desiccant with actual firearms isn’t as critical, I always instruct people to just “over oil” the weapon, wrap it in an oily rag and then wrap it in plastic before sealing it inside a watertight container. It is however, more popular to grease your firearm thoroughly. Before doing so, remove anything made of wood (stock, grip or forearm), unload it and make sure that you dry-fire your weapon, you won’t want to leave the hammer-spring under tension. Ensure that your magazines are unloaded and your firearm’s action or slide is forward.

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